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HARMATTAN is a small group of design professionals that set out to construct the most qualitative leather bag in terms of quality of manufacturing, quality of materials, level of craftsmanship and attention to detail. We have managed to make no compromises, build a leather object for every use and form that we could think of and in the end we have discovered that we can sell at a decent and affordable price. We will probably not make millions but we will certainly walk proud.


Leather - 5-9 oz. Custom Made in Italy


   We use the thickest 5 to 9 oz. (2-3 mm) vegetable-tanned full-grain harness leather custom made to our specifications by a tannery in Italy. It is the thickest that can be sewn and the only type of leather that will last for the rest of your life. 


   Anything else, you will throw away in a 2-3 years at best, and as advice, anything that you can find retailing bellow 500 $ will certainly be chromium tanned thinner or even fake leather. Using vegetable tanned, stronger and thicker leather and only taking the best part of each hide costs us & you more but it is the only way. We don’t mind scratches and nips in our leather because it show character and there is no hide taken of a cow that is without them.

Craftsmanship - As skilled as they come


   We have identified highly qualified people to do the assembly, a team that has previously worked for renowned brands such as Valentino, a group that is accustomed to delivering quality in the most minute detail. We have used them to assemble the prototypes for the full line and we will be there personally for overseeing the production of each individual bag.


   Our goal was to have our own team but because constructing and proofing such a team cost time and money and our priority is customer fulfilment   we have chosen this path.

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